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Meet Love Bailey.

Love Bailey is a queer artist, designer, performer and cultural visionary with heavy ties to the worlds of fashion and music. Having worked with the likes of Fiona Apple, Rihanna, Azealia Banks and Britney Spears, Love Bailey’s career recently brought the artist into a new realm of experience that focuses heavily on bringing like-minded artists and creatives together in a new practice in queer community culture: the formation of an artist community on a ranch outside of Los Angeles.

Love Bailey’s identity and passion for creative exploration finds its roots in her relationship with her showgirl grandmother, Betty Bailey, calling her a guiding light — her source of energy that gave birth to her eccentricities. “Dressing for pleasure and channeling characters was part of our daily routine,” Love Bailey explains. “Boundaries, rules, and judgement have no place in our lives as we fetishized about outrageously high heels, painted ourselves with every shade of lipstick, and dance to our own beat of unconditional love.”


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